Deadline around the corner and still working out your marketing?

Partnering with a consultant may save you a ton of time.

Startup Founders

Is your messaging where you want it?
Do investors like your idea but they’re still not saying yes?
Is your vision crystal clear to YOU but murky for others?


Established Brands

The truth is, companies who show that they care about people and environment make more money. Every business is founded with a desire to change the world.

Join the movement. You’ll make more profit and a difference in the world around you.

Nonprofit Organizations

Your organization’s greatest fundraising tool is its people.

If you’re working with a tight budget and not enough people, I’ve got FREE GIFTS! Get started with my foolproof storytelling tecchnique that shows how to use what you alredy have to exceed your fundraising goals.

Figuring out the right combination of public relations, digital marketing, social media, and common sense marketing can take time and there’s simply never enough of that to go around.

Whether you’re an early stage startup, established brand, or a nonprofit looking to increase donations, you’ll find some helpful resources and FREE tools on this site.