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Adding Automation to Your Personalized Customer Experience

One of the best questions that came up during my recent virtual workshop with the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center was how to incorporate automation tools into your personalized customer experience in such a way that it doesn’t feel impersonal.

If your business relies heavily on creating a connection with clients via one-on-one interaction, the idea of incorporating new technology into the experience can seem counterproductive. The truth is, it’s actually more helpful than you realize. The best place to start is to incorporate it into your discovery process. Author Al Pittampali suggests in Read This Before Our Next Meeting that the most productive meeting is the one where everyone arrives prepared with the pre-reading behind them. That’s exactly where helpful tools come in to get you up to speed faster.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, your client has come to you to solve a problem. As you go through the process of identifying pain points and areas where your unique offering can make a difference, automation tools such as intake forms and schedulers can help to make the process a lot smoother in terms of keeping things moving.

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