Greaves Communication Strategies

Announcement: New Site!

We all start the year with new goals, right? My 2022 goal was to stop DIYing and launch a new Web site. It made no sense as a creative professional to be working with so many talented people, and not apply some of that polish to my own stuff.

And then it happened: The day that I decided I was going to hire someone, the old site crashed thanks to some funky plug-in. Say no more, universe.

Sometimes you have to be okay with letting go of the reins if you want to push past where you’ve plateaued. While I know that’s hard for many founders, in this instance I couldn’t WAIT! It was definitely worth it!

If you’re seeking some design and productivity inspiration, please check out: site

This post, this day, and this moment are full of gratitude for not only the team who helps me to communicate the value in my work, but most importantly ensures that the snarky cheerleader is still present in everything we do related to marketing communications strategy.

Of course, I’m always eager to hear your feedback and seeking ways to help you address marketing challenges, so feel free to link me and let’s chat.